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Tired of washed up headliners playing their one most famous song at almost every rally?!

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31+ Austin bands battle to be the best of Thunder Rally '11!

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We are building the foundation of our rally around music...

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We pledge to feature the very best in local and regional talent.  Thunder Rally of Texas will be built around a foundation of great Central Texas and local area music and bands. The talent we have assembled will literally blow you away! The BEST of all genres will be represented for you in their truest and most sincere form. Music is the life-blood of our Rally.

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Sugarback No Pedigree

Cities of Enemies


White Truck Band

Guppies from Outer Space

Motion Planet SUIT Purple Fuzz Attack

Black Thorn Halo

Edison Chair

Bright Shadow

Big Slick &  Voodoo Daddies

Electro Sonic Love Ceremony Love Stricken Demise
Chemical Noose Avid Fixation Shuffle Up and Deal
Darby Ledbetter Dying with Dignity In Altum
Don McBride's Red Dirt Reb 7 Miles an Hour We Paint the Town
Think Lizzy Lost July Daddy G & All Star Review
Wicked Attraction Orbimann & Ground Control Johnny Hootrock
  Barbarians of Sevilla Stone Descent
  Black Undercurrent  

Don't miss out on these rocking performances!



Wicked Attraction

Wicked Attraction plays a mix of 80's to present with a little Bobbie McGee in the mix. Some of the artists that Wicked Attraction covers is Joan Jett, Pink, Hole, Gretchen Wilson, Toadies, Lynyrd Skynyrd, HIM, Guns and Roses, and Alice and Chains. Check Wicked Attraction out on

White Truck Band

White Truck is Greg Neely (Gtr, vox) Johnny Bates (Bass, l. vox), Stan Bandow (Gtr., vox), and Rob Hernandez (Drms). Greg & Johnny were in a band with a dedicated following called Karmadogs. They later formed Karamadillos with Rob. After gigging with other musicians the three decided to get together and added Stan into the mix. The result was a band with over 4 hours of music which includes covers and originals. Rob has played with various bands in Austin TX: Voodoo Caravan, Ocho Diablo, Dawn Maracle Band, 8-Ball Down & KamuniQue to name a few. Stan has played with various bands and artist as a fill in and also as a session player. Together these four make up White Truck Band.

Love Stricken Demise

Started by Texas native Billy Blair, Billy was involved in many big projects in his career of entertainment. Fronted the shock rock band Surgeon General in the early 2000’s where it took him opening up for big acts like KISS, Poison, Sammy Hagar, David Lee Roth and Cinderella. He then went thru numerous bands like Mother Truckin Skull Diggers, White Collar Ghetto and the most recent, Messer, which brought a lot of hype in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and opened for nationals like George Lynch, Flaw and Earshot. Speaking of Earshot, Billy went to play bass for the national L.A. band during ’08 where he would get a taste of the national lime light and landing him an endorsement with Dean Guitars. Soon after that, Billy would land roles in movies, (which he is also an actor for now 13 years), such as the Syfy movie, Mongolian Death Worm, Jonah Hex and Robert Rodriguez’s slasher movie, Machete.  Billy then turned to his old drummer from MTSD/White Collar Ghetto, Rico and forms this new band. Rico was in several local bands such as Spearing Britney, EKG, Mind Gallery and KRADL. Also opening for nationals along with Billy in MTSD/WCG such as Premier 55, UFO, ACCEPT and King’s X. Then Billy would turn to his old friend Nikki McKibbin, who was on the first season of American Idol. She would be one of the top 3 contestants along side with Kelly Clarkson. Nikki would soon be the queen of reality shows such as Fear Factor and the most recent Celebrity Rehab followed by Sober House. She fronted some big name local bands in Texas including Downside, Rivithead and Mother Truckin Skulldiggers. Nikki also fronts her main band, Wicked Attraction, which have played the club circuit and many festivals. She also worked with Billy and Rico in the past writing a songs for her solo career such as Naked Inside and The Lie, (which you can also see videos of the songs on You tube). Then they would find their bass player, Holly Wood. New to the music scene; she had played guitar for over 13 years; and swapped over to bass after Billy invited her to play in the band. She is Billy’s hair stylist and has been master of ceremonies for various events. Doing hair for the Bush family, (yes the Presidents) and other celebrity’s. Together they are Love Stricken Demise (LSD). Coming out with their first single, Celebrity High




Dying With Dignity

This pop-punk/emo-core band is made of Travis White (guitar, vocals), DJ Davila (bass), and Grayson Byars (drums). The three met in school in 2000 in Austin and have been playing together in different groups ever since. In 2010 they reunited as the current three piece “Dying With Dignity” and in 2011 they released their ten song untitled album. Fans can stay updated about upcoming shows, recordings, merchandise, and more by contacting the fan club email here.

Darby Ledbetter

“My experiences in the military and my service in the National Guard have made me a better songwriter and a more passionate performer. It is an honor to represent the National Guard as a Citizen Soldier.”  Darby Ledbetter joined the National Guard in 2000 after seven years of active duty service. Darby is a combat veteran who has completed four tours in Southwest Asia. During each of these tours and while stateside, Darby has found a way to boost the spirits of the troops through leading bands and performing his original songs at military functions. During his tour in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Darby formed the 3 Rivers Band with fellow soldiers and soon found himself entertaining troops at local concerts in Iraq. When The Charlie Daniels Band performed on the USO Tour, Darby and his band members were chosen to share the stage with him. Charlie responded to the performance by presenting Darby with a Fender Stratocaster guitar. As Darby has continued to travel and perform, his connection with military audiences has remained strong. Darby describes the National Guard as his family and when he’s on stage it’s evident that he takes pride in representing that family. Darby’s songwriting efforts have placed him alongside some of Nashville’s finest songwriters who have penned songs for Aaron Tippin, George Strait, Kenny Chesney and Tracy Byrd. Darby is poised to take his place among the musicians and songwriters who have shaped the country music industry.


Orbitmann is an all-original Hard Rock trio based in Austin, Texas. Not since Appetite For Destruction-era Guns 'n' Roses has there been such an honest, ballsy and musical display of reverence for rock's hallowed spirit. Adrian Bencomo (lead vocals, guitar), Upton Ethelbah (bass guitar, harmony vocals) and Pete Langhans (drums), take organic, grungy and strangely melodic "angst-folk" from its naturally acoustic habitat and lovingly place it into the lush realm of full-on, unapologetic, and driving guitar-rock heaven.  In its endeavor to keep genuine rock music alive in a morass of contrivance and mediocrity, Orbitmann draws from and pays tribute to the greatest bands the world has ever known. By coupling a profane disregard for the status quo with a steadfast respect for great songwriting and practiced musicianship, Orbitmann's alchemy delivers nothing short of pure gold. Other ingredients in this tantalizing sonic recipe (in addition to the requisite meat and potatoes) include a dash of Brit-pop, a pinch of grunge, and a smidgen of metal. The whole package is then tastefully garnished with a fresh sprig of prog and a knowing sprinkle of punk.  Suggestive of such timeless bands as Jane's Addiction, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, The Kinks, AC/DC, Alice in Chains, and U2, Orbitmann picks up, dusts off, and carries aloft the blazing torch of Rock n' Roll, injects it with magic fuel, and charges forth to illuminate uncharted musical territories.



Freddie King said, "This is the blues, are you listening?" and that's what SUIT is all about: the blues, pure and simple. SUIT is a three piece electric blues band from Austin, Texas, with Dana Vandiver on guitar and vocals, Sean Sullivan on bass and Bill Asa on drums. Formed in 2008, the band has been electrifying bar, bike night and bike rally crowds with their powerful blend of traditional and modern blues. So  ya'll come out and get yer blues on with SUIT.

In Altum

"In Altum" is a rock based group out of the Houston area. A quintet with vocals, guitars, bass, drums, and percussions. Newly formed and passionately driven to create a style of music that reflects our influences and who we are as a band. We love what we do and that's why we do it. We appreciate everyone who comes out and supports us, we can't do it without you. So come out and see a show, have a good time, and listen to some great music.

Stone Descent

Stone Descent consist of 5 guys who live for heavy music.  Established in late 2008, an incomplete Stone Descent began jamming and writing music.  With influences from old school metal, southern rock, blues, stoner, to death metal, it was unsure who this would turn out.  With a complete line up from 2009 until now, Stone Descent has seemed to fall into a heavy rock / metal, southern, groove kinda sound with vocals that can soar above it all.  It is definitely an interesting and intriguing sound which is hard to describe.  When seeing Stone Descent live, you can most certainly feel every bit of emotion thrown at you from stage.  No question the love of music drives this band and the need to keep this style of music alive.  Stone Descent are gonna tear through 2011 with a fury.... catch'em live in and around Texas and take in some Smokin' Texas Metal.

Think Lizzy

Fronted by Dubliner singer/bassist Stephen O’Brien, Think Lizzy is an authentic tribute to the classic 70s/80s rock band Thin Lizzy. Steve is supported by veteran Austin musicians: Buffalo Speedway, Jr Mushroom and JJ Walker.

Thin Lizzy was a formidable hard-rock band from Ireland, featuring the late, great front-man/bass player, Phil Lynott. Some of their smash hits included The Boys Are Back in Town, Jailbreak, Whiskey in the Jar, Cowboy Song and Dancing in the Moonlight. Their signature twin-lead guitar sound (guitarists Gary Moore and Scott Goram) and melodic songwriting made them one of the premier hard rock acts to witness live. Thin Lizzy was also a huge influence on such bands as Guns ‘n Roses, AC/DC, Kiss, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. They are still around... IF you still don’t know/remember who Thin Lizzy is, then check out one of our live shows first, then buy Thin Lizzy’s albums and live a part of Rock’n'Roll History…

Texas All-Star Truckers

Back from his three year tour of the subcontinent, Daddy G is an amazing journeyman of blues and soul. He has personally pieced together a backdrop of seasoned musicians from the best Texas has to offer. Daddy G and the Texas All-Stars will kick you with old and thrill you with new; capture your heart and dig deep in your soul... to that spot that you've been waiting for.

Johnny Hootrock

JOHNNY HOOTROCK are a Texas 3-piece psycho garage-a-billy band that perform throughout the US southwest and beyond. The sound is dirty, fast, but most of all, it ROCKS! JOHNNY HOOTROCK are often joined by super-hot go-go dancers called The Jigglewatts, a very talented burlesque troupe from Austin, Texas. The boys in HOOTROCK have played with cool bands like The Meteors, Reverend Horton Heat, Hank III, Deadbolt, Koffin Kats, and even opened for The Cramps a few years back!

"These guys played fast and hard, and with the addition of Miss Ruby and Miss Coco Lectric WHOOOOOO!!!! what a kick-ass band." - Bob Mandoki Big Wheel Music Scene Reporter

Black Thorn Halo

Emerging from the dark metal underground of Austin, Texas, extreme metal titans Black Thorn Halo are bringing their music to the masses; and are forming their own imprint on the future of aggressive metal. The angry lyrics of Rafael are aimed directly cross haired and point blank at what's going on religiously, socially, and most of all politically in this world, along with some personal experiences as well. Shay and Lorenzo's pick attack and demented riffs on the strings always start some head-banging and mosh pit activity. Right along side of him is the axe wielding splatterfest of blurring fingers, bassist Jack the ripper, carrying the low end of it all. Finally pounding the skins like nuclear bombs across the globe, Andy is here to lay down the new sledgehammer of metal with ear splitting projection and power like a twelve gauge slug to the chest. Let it be known that these five guys are here to tear your heads off and show you a good time all at once. Enforcing that the mind is the true weapon and everything else is merely accessories. You can run but you cant hide from BLACK THORN HALO!  

Electro-Sonic Love Ceremony

Electro-Sonic Love Ceremony was actualized in June 2010 from a vision in the mind of vocalist Jill Dufour. Enticed by the luring howl of Astbury, the pure unadulterated guitar of Duffy, and a sincere connection (native subject matter) and love of the music, the Cult Tribute band was in the making. Partnering with Ken Trevino on bass (Government 13/Santos/Dead Now Evil), Hsien-Hsiu Liao on guitar (Drawn Under/13 Passes), and Lou Kanellakis on drums (Love Struck,The Infinity Cell, Euphoria, sit in with Ace Frehley), the vision has come to fruition. The band name is a combination of the Cult's albums Electric, Sonic Temple, Love, and Ceremony.

7 Miles-an-Hour

7 Miles-an-Hour formed in the spring of 2008 with Doug (Guitar/Vocals) and Rob (Bass/Vocals). Rick (Lead Guitar) joined the band in October 2008. Our drummer Jimmy joined in June 2010 and we're fired up to have him!

We are all middle aged average guys that grew up on hard Rock and Roll. We share many common musical influences and believe our playing styles mesh well. That being said, you can bet your ass we'll constantly be doing our best to crank out heavy rhythm based Rock and Roll!!

Lost July

Bold and colorful, like poetry and cigarettes, Lost July is charging into
the music scene splashing new ideas, sounds, looks, and emotions across
the stage. Opposing all ideas of the conventional band, Lost July has not
one, but multiple spotlights. Each song broadens the musical boundaries
by featuring a different vocalist, challenging the eyes and ears of the
crowd. Driving rifts, melodic harmonies, transparent lyrics, and
unbreakable dreams have inspired the hearts of four young men to make
their voices heard.  From Austin Texas, Lost July has made a major impact in the music scene with their new EP “Chasing Red Lights,” recruited and recorded by John LeCompt (Evanescence) and Phil Taylor (Future Leaders of the World).
Their single, "Faces" has received recognition from Deep South
Entertainment and was included on their Deep 5 Compilation cd sold in the
U.S. and UK. Faces has also been played on clear channel's The Bear 102.5
in Waco and Killeen TX.

Black Undercurrent

Black Undercurrent hails from Boston. The founding members, Chase and J
Bird, moved to Los Angeles and spent the next few years touring Southern
California and the surrounding area.  Black Undercurrent became a full band in 2009 under the name Black Current and hit the studio with the legendary Sylvia Massy (Tool, RHCP, System of a Down, Prince, Johnny Cash, R.E.M., Tom Petty, et al.) to record a three song demo. The band went on tour to promote the demo
throughout 2009. In 2010, the founding members decided to go back to their roots as a duo.  Their decision paid off, and in 2010 Black Current hooked up with two
very talented filmmakers who ultimately filmed the video for their song,
"THE WELL."  Upon completion of the video , the duo made another geographic move -  this time to Austin, Tx where due to copyright reasons changed the name to
Black Undercurrent.  The move to Austin proved fruitful with the addition of another full band. They are know seen performing around Texas as both a full band and
as a duo.

Cities of Enemies

Music has been a medium for philosophical thinkers, aspiring revolutionaries, down-trodden poets, or the fallacious philanderer who fumbles with love, and money as a means to a happy end. Music isn't what it used to be. The former ground breaking has fallen, to what feels like, the floor and the popular music of the day stands victorious in all it's tattered, shining, glory. Enter Cities of Enemies. A group of idealistic musicians who're tired of the acceptable, and tired of the standard of the day. Who strive to create music they love to listen to and love to play - and love to share. Their Lyrics are a search for truth, the guitars their standard - the drums their cadence. Passionate men who are whole heartedly in love with the power of music. With hope that every scream of the guitar, lick of the bass, punch of the drum, and thoughtful lyric bring you closer to that which we've come to know. Music isn't dead and neither is thoughtful hope. We're Cities of Enemies - a post-hardcore/classic rock/neo blues outfit from Austin, Texas.

Edison Chair

An energetic three piece rock band from Austin Texas, Edison Chair honors the style of timeless rock such as The Who and The Beatles, while making innovative strides in the wake of popular modern bands such as The Fratellis and Oasis. Formed in 2007, the band quickly attracted attention from multi-platinum producers and major labels such as Interscope Records. With three part harmonies and songs you'll be singing long after the show, Edison Chair has developed a sound that will be hard to forget.

Avid Fixation

Avid Fixation brings a unique form of rock/metal. Formed in April 2010 and based out of Houston, TX, the band blends hard rock and melodic metalcore with a taste of blues. The emphasis is in the energy born into the guitar riffs and melodies of the songs. Daniel Goldman brings in the lead guitar side, throwing in swift precise leads and use of effects to keep the energy flowing. Jonathan Long on Bass uses effects to voice out the bass even more for distinct dynamics. Jay Gonzales throws in strong fills between upbeat rhythm sections on drums. Greg Afek on vocals brings off a clean and scream tradeoff , giving off strong energy and puting everything together.With all these elements you come up with Avid Fixation. An energetic, creative, committed branch of music.

Barbarians of Sevilla

Most great rock bands from the sixties and seventies are still rolling, and some are performing at the top of their game. The Barbarians of Sevilla consist of three guys of ‘that age,’ plus a vital and stunning lead singer of half those years. And they do sound like, after a rich decades-long history, they are right now in their very prime. The sheer intensity and sonic richness that these four produce is scary. Princess Vanessa sings her wise lyrics over the sledgehammer sound of a true rock band that knows what they’re doing, and that knows when to turn up, or turn down. They play beautiful custom guitars and vintage amplifiers, and a drum kit whose simplicity belies the groove that comes forth. And like with the good rock bands of the Golden Years: no two songs are alike: the focus is on musicality and diversity, to better entertain the audience. And of course on out-playing those dang young whippersnappers.


In addition to the 31+ act Battle of the Bands, we're featuring a continuous Singer/Songwriter stage, in the Lightning Lounge upstairs in the Arena. Relax in the A/C and have a cold one and listen to Austin area's finest singer/songwriters.

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