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Smokin' Joe Amphitheater


Visit our Amphitheater for a live music hafla every night

with a huge open air stage for

bellydancers, firespinners, drummers.


Join us, Dance with us, Celebrate with us!



Erin Gillespie


Erin Gillespie has been twirling and whirling since she was old enough to twirl and whirl. She saw her first belly dance performance at the age of 12, and was inspired. Erin has been learning technique for the last 7 years, starting with traditional, but quickly switching to American Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion. Being transient for most of the last 7 years, she has learned and performed with many formats and troupes. She started taking BlackSheep format in Maui with Rebecca and Dhyana Raja; studied and performed with Zira and her Gypsy Rogues in Austin; studied and performed ATS and Tribal/Circus Fusion with Bella Rouge and Red Sands Tribal in Grand Junction, Colorado. She's also been known to throw in a solo here and there. She currently lives in Austin with her husband and two children, studying on her own, twirling and whirling in her kitchen.



Zira is an internationally known Middle Eastern Belly Dancer. Her alluring grace and charismatic artistry capture the essence of the dance. Zira’s understanding of dance is credited to the many teachers with a range of styles and influences. She has traveled the world cultivating her form of expression and fell in love with the beauty that is American Tribal Style Belly Dance.


Tribal Mischief


Kisaya Rayne


Jade Love

Jade Love- Fire Performer, entertainer, graphic artist, model, costume designer, and certified personal trainer. Jade Love is dedicated the culmination of which is evident in his unique style of high energy fire artistry. From creating powerful, extremely beautiful imagery, to his spell-binding fire performances, full of jaw dropping tricks, he has literally exploded on the national map and finding innovative ways to bring his performances to your scene or local events soon. Jade Love's professional artist drive has built a unstoppable force that will enchant audiences wherever he goes.









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